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Scholarships + Reimbursement

LifeLine Academy works to strengthen and build a better future for EMS through funding 1 EMT-Basic Scholarship per class. One of the challenges facing EMS today is recruitment and retention of EMS practitioners. In an effort to address this challenge, LifeLine Academy is offering scholarship opportunities to individuals interested in pursuing a career in EMS.

Applications are accepted from the 1st -15th of each month before the beginning of the course and closes at midnight CST the 15th day. Scholarships will be awarded the 17th day with notification to the winning candidate.

Full Scholarship

Scholarship Guidelines

• Applicant must submit a complete and accurate application listed on the LifeLine Academy website by the stated deadline.

• Applicant must submit a letter of request, in 1,000 words or less, that describes why he or she is pursuing educational scholarship, his or her educational and employment goals, and how the scholarship would be of benefit.

• EMS scholarships are not awarded for course work already taken.

• Scholarship payments are made directly to the educational institution.

• Recipient must begin the educational program in the term for which the award is granted.

• Recipient will fully complete the EMS program for which scholarship is awarded.  Recipient who withdraws or discontinues the educational program prior to completion for reasons within his or her control (i.e., dropping the course, academic dismissal for absences, etc.) must immediately refund scholarship funds. No refund will be required for recipient who is unable to continue in the EMS program for reasons beyond their control. Proof of reasons for program termination will be required.

• Recipient must maintain passing grades and remain in good standing throughout the course of study.

• Recipient of EMS scholarships must seek certification by testing upon completion of their EMS educational program.

• Recipient must provide follow-up information and respond to LifeLine Academy requests pertaining to their education and career.

• Recipient must sign a contract agreeing to these scholarship guidelines.

• Recipient must sign a contract agreeing to remain employed with LifeLine Ambulance for a 1 year term after successfully becoming a licensed EMT or reimburse all Scholarship funds within a 90 day period. {See Employment Contract}


Scholarship Selection Process

• Only those applications which are complete and received by the deadline will be considered.

• LifeLine Academy will notify all applicants by email of the status of their application.

• The following criteria will be used in the scholarship selection process:

• Commitment to entering the EMS profession;

• Financial need;

• Dedication to the community; Ability to serve as a positive ambassador to the EMS profession

1 Year Contract Discount

• Commit to employment at LifeLine for 1 year Part-Time and receive a $400 reimbursement.
• Commit to employment at LifeLine for 1 year Full-Time and receive a $600 reimbursement.

Military Discount

Thank you for your service! We proudly offer a $175 discount on tuition to all members of our armed forces 

First-Responder Family Discount

Thank you for your service! We proudly offer a $175 discount on tuition to anyone with proof of a licensed First-responder family member

Course Tuition

Full Price: $1600
( Paid in full by midterm, $400-800 Deposit varies by course)


• Textbook
• eCard Access for textbook
• 1 Blood pressure cuff
• 1 Stethoscope
• 1 Uniform polo shirt
• 1 pair of EMT Trousers
• 1 pair trauma shears
• 1 pen light
• 1 pair safety glasses
• 1 State & Federal Background Check

EMT Class: $1400
MFR Class: $700
(10% discount if paid in full prior to start of class)


• Textbook
• eCard Access for textbook
• 2 Uniform shirts
• EMS Testing
•  Platinum Planner Online access
• Background Check
• Drug screening

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