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The LifeLine EMS Academy Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program provides students with an outline of the Emergency Medical System (EMS), teaches assessment skills and treatment techniques, and introduces learners to the common neurological, respiratory and cardiac emergencies found within the scope of practice of an EMT. If you aspire to a career in the emergency medical care field or to eventually practice advanced medicine, this program provides the foundation you need to reach those goals.

What You’ll Learn

This program meets all of the National EMS Education standards for EMTs and is accredited with the state of Illinois through the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). Upon completion of this program, you will possess the knowledge and skills expected of an entry-level EMT professional, including:

  • Essential problem-solving skills to make informed decisions in high-stress situations
  • Evaluation of illnesses or injury in order to make field diagnoses
  • Basic life support methods
  • Safe administration of medications outlined by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT)
  • Treat and manage critical trauma or medical patients
  • Leadership, problem solving, and much more…

What You’ll Get

Students who enroll in and successfully complete the LifeLine EMS Academy Emergency Medical Technician Program will receive:

  • Illinois quality EMT training from LifeLine EMS Academy
  • One-on-one training with veteran pre-hospital care professionals
  • hands-on clinical experience on in-duty ambulances with live patients.
  • Eligibility to sit for the National Registry of EMTs examination to receive certification as a Nationally Registered EMT



In-person Lectures

The LifeLine EMS Academy Emergency Medical Technician Program consists of in-person lectures, in-person content review and activates, skills practice and simulation-based lab sessions.

Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) regulations require a minimum number of hours for EMT education. Therefore, attendance is always mandatory and is tracked hour by hour. Students who fail to meet the hourly obligation MUST make up missed hours on an hour for hour basis.

Hands-on Clinical Experience

The EMT program takes place over 8 & 16 weeks and includes 32 hours of clinical experience performed outside of the classroom.

The clinical experience component of this program will provide direct patient observation and will occur in a in-duty ambulance with live patients. The clinical experience must be completed within three weeks of the end date of the course.

Course Completion Certificate

A course completion certificate is awarded to students who pass the course with a score of 80% or better and fulfill all clinical requirements.

Course Prerequisites

Must Have High School Diploma or GED

Must Be 18 Years+ To Take NREMT Exam


PASS a 10-panel drug screening (Conducted at LifeLine Academy)

Pass a background check with no felony convictions


Materials Included:

Included In Course Tuition:
• Textbook
• eCard Access for textbook
• 1 Blood pressure cuff
• 1 Stethoscope
• 1 Uniform polo shirt
• 1 pair of EMT Trousers
• 1 pair trauma shears
• 1 pen light
• 1 pair safety glasses
• 1 State & Federal Background Check
• 1 10-Panel drug screening

Not Included In Tuition:

NREMT Testing Fee: $80.00
IDPH Licensing Fee: $45.00

Student Responsibilities

Prior To & After Course Start:

  • Vaccine Records Required & Must be Current (form will be provided by LifeLine Academy)
  • Current TB Test Record
  • Current Hep B Vaccine Record
  • Current Flu shot